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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Who Am I ?

I am.
Attached to gadgets, cars and my daily routine.
Controlled by my laptop, and abused by my cell phone.
Married to my schedule, divorced by my spontaneity (she has custody)
Marred by a permanent flu in the winter, for which there is no remedy.
Plagued by the summer heat.
Always high on cold medicine and caffeine.
Checking the latest stock prices in the magazine.
Always attending weddings, and funerals
To comfort strangers
On both occasions.
While contacting my close friends online.
Neither sad nor doing fine.
But kind of in-between.
I am.
Approached by strangers for change
Blaming society for their misfortune.
Working out at the gym for no apparent reason
Running on treadmills like a lab rat inside a cage.
Drugged by movies, the daily news and similar works of fiction
Always replacing an addiction with another addiction.
Like taking up Salsa or going on a shopping spree.
But you are different, you are very special.
Yes, you are.
Just like me

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